Jose Murilo Junior

Jose Murilo JuniorI see myself as a Brazilian researcher and explorer into the possibilities of the digital and human web. I work on the Internet, managing web environments for Brazilian federal agencies in the cultural sector. I’ve studied sociology, philosophy and psychology, played on a rock’n roll band in the 80s, and been living in a Santo Daime community in Brasilia for the last 16 years.

Jose Murilo JuniorI have four kids — Luiza (22), Gabriela (18), Miguel (17) and Elisa (4) — and two step kids — Tiago (13) and Raquel (11).  In the middle of all this, I like to write about what I see and what I think, publishing on my Portuguese site and blog — Ecologia Digital [Digital Ecology].

In 2006 I was invited to join the Global Voices editorial staff, and then started to write and translate lusophone blogs into English. That’s when, and why Eco-rama started. It starts as a web corner where I can publish and relate in English, aiming to enlarge my connected cloud.

At this time I have very little time to dedicate to English writing, so… be patient with