The Future Proof Enterprise: how to create Resilient, Enduring and Meaningful Businesses | MeedaByte

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These days, we can’t pretend not to see how the mechanisms by which we produce and consume our wealth are, finally, showing some growing signs of change.


Peer-to-Peer. It’s in these three words that we can identify the fundamental paradigm shift the market-society is going through these days. In fact, P2P means fewer intermediaries, less constraints, direct relationships: relationships that—being from person to person—inevitably lead to ahumanization of the exchanges, behind solely commercial relationships.


Today’s opportunities are for new actors, informal, with innovative labor relations, which even have a different concept of jobs. It is not difficult to see—or at least envision—today, megacorporations colliding with small, innovative startups, perhaps financed with crowdfunding, or also with non-profits, and voluntary-based projects.


The “future-proof enterprise” then is one that thrives in the world as it should and inexorably will be: socially sustainable, cooperative, inclusive, p2p, local, decentralized and more equitable in terms of profits. There’s no viable alternative. Old models based on control, large scale, and protection failed. Companies can no longer act as monolithic, centralized, revenue generation machines. Instead, they must become inclusive, create shared value, and thrive amidst radical change.

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