Smartphone Adoption Rate Fastest in Tech History | PCMag

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When smartphone technology was created more than a decade ago, it was simply a small step for connected man–no one knew what a giant leap for mankind it would become.
According to a recent Flurry report, global smartphone adoption has exploded, growing faster than any consumer technology in history.
The rate of Android and iOS device adoption among international users has out-paced the 1980s PC revolution, the 1990s Internet boom, and the social networking craze of the ‘aughts, according to Flurry, which reported the rate of smartphone adoption to be 10 times that of what we might now perceive as the positively glacial pace of early personal computer adoption.
Five years into the smart device growth curve, uptake of the new technology “is rapidly expanding beyond early adopter markets such as North America and Western Europe, creating a true worldwide addressable market,” the mobile analytics firm reports.
Flurry estimates more than 640 million iOS and Android devices were in use during July. Unsurprisingly, the U.S. led all markets with 165 million active smartphones, followed by China’s 128 million.

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