How Hollywood Is Encouraging Online Piracy | Scientific American

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Face it, movie fans: the DVD is destined to be dead as a doornail.

Only a few Blockbuster stores are still open. Netflix’s CEO says, “We expect DVD subscribers to decline steadily every quarter, forever.” The latest laptops don’t even come with DVD slots. So where are film enthusiasts suppose to rent their flicks? Online, of course.

There are still some downsides to streaming movies—you need a fast Internet connection, for example, and beware the limited-data plan—but overall, this should be a delightful development.

Streaming movies offers instant gratification: no waiting, no driving—plus great portability: you can watch on gadgets too small for a DVD drive, like phones, tablets and superthin laptops.

Hollywood movie studios should benefit, too. The easier it is to rent a movie, the more people will do it. And the more folks rent, the more money the studios make.

Well, apparently, none of that has occurred to the movie industry. It seems intent on leaving money on the table.

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