Google’s Gundotra Courts Developers As Facebook and Twitter Stumble | Marketing Pilgrim

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If you didn’t read Mike Isaac’s great article from yesterday about Twitter’s new Cards technology and the implications for developers in the world of Twitter you should. I’m not a developer but it’s important as marketers to see where Twitter is going as a platform in order to think about how it can be leveraged for marketing needs.
Couple that information with Dalton Caldwell’s open letter to Mark Zuckerberg about his less than stellar experience with a team of executive goons from Facebook and you have an opportunity.

It just might work out in the end that Facebook and Twitter alienate the very people who helped build the respective companies enough that they switch allegiance and work to make Google+ what the others were not. In the end, we the end user could be the ultimate beneficiary of these developer turf wars and that would be a good thing.


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