Dear Mark Zuckerberg Open Letter Slam By Young and Up & Coming Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Dalton Caldwell | SiliconANGLE

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Dalton Caldwell @DaltonC is the founder of, a social platform that is pivoting after Facebook offered to buy it or kill it. Dalton is the creator of imeem, a social music site that was acquired by MySpace. I first met Dalton seven years ago when he was one of my first guys that I did a podcast with in 2005 as part of my last venture This post is listed here in full here on SiliconANGLE to preserve for the record. This post was posted on his blog two days ago and has since been part of a Silicon Valley inside baseball firestorm around what should a open social platform look like.

“Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

…I believe that future social platforms will behave more like infrastructure, and less like media companies. I believe that a number of smaller, interoperable social platforms with a clear, sustainable business models will usurp you. These future companies will be valued at a small fraction of what Facebook and Twitter currently are. I think that is OK. Platforms are judged by the value generated by their ecosystem, not by the value the platforms directly capture.”


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