The Journal of Peer Production, issue #2 Bio/Hardware Hacking [Bruce Sterling] | Knowtex

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“But first, a few words about the multiple sites of do-it-yourself biology. (((Gets the anthrax-tainted popcorn.))) There is quite a diverse set of places in which laboratories, associations, and networks around do-it-yourself biology have emerged. DIYbio, created in the Boston area in 2008, describes itself as an “Institution for the Amateur Biologist”. It now counts around 2000 members and has a website ( which is arguably the worldwide focal point for people interested in DIY biology.

“Associations like DIYbio are today present in many countries across the globe: in European countries like Denmark, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, in Canada and in India and, above all, in the US. The emergence of do-it-yourself biology is mainly located in the Western world, especially in major US and European cities. Beyond these territorial aspects, the more distributed geographies of protocols, ideas and objects that circulate via Internet forums and collaborative platforms play a key role in the emergence of do-it-yourself biology.

“In fact, the various communicative devices that do-it-yourself biologists use – i.e. the website, the blogs, open source tools, forums, videos, etc. – are part and parcel of the material infrastructure that allows for the circulation of knowledge to take place and for collectives of do-it-yourself biologists to emerge.

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