Issue 3 – Occupying the Commons | The Future of Occupy

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This issue of The Future of Occupy is an invitation to look into that question, together. Assuming that the “how-to” of that collective withdrawal interests you as much as it does us, we invite you to use this issue as a ticket for a passionate learning journey. As you read the reports, blogs, poems, and interviews, as you watch the interviews, hold in the back of your mind the question, to what extent can they help us to switch allegiance together from modes of organizing, thinking, and working, which are not life-affirming and inspiring the best in us to those, which are.
Two growing forces that are the drivers of the Big Switch are the Commons and Occupy movements. In this issue we celebrate their beautiful relationship. The concept of the Commons and the horizontal structure of the Occupy movement are two aspects of the same idea: as human beings, we share common resources (this planet, its air, water, soil and genetic diversity; our heritage of cultural creations—art, technology, ideas), and we share a common future. Put another way, focusing on the Commons is a way of articulating what the Occupy movement actually stands for: an open, horizontal, equitable, sharing of our social, economic, and ecological resources.

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