“Towards a Cooperative, Small scale, Local, P2P Production Future” – back from the OuiShare Summit in Paris | Meedabyte

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OuiShare initiative was born in Paris during 2010 mostly thanks to the energy and sociablity of Antonin Leonard following the global wave of interest around two seminal books that have been published those days: Rachel Botsman’s and Roo Rogers’ “What’s mine is yours” and Lisa Gansky’s “The Mesh”.

For those not really familiar, Collaborative Consumption concept is about a new way of consuming goods, considering access over ownership: sharing what you own and don’t use 100% of the time with other members of your community helps reducing the overall consumption and is really some special idea. Many great ideas embody collaborative consumption principles: among the most well known is ride or car sharing, couchsurfing or room renting, tool lending, and many many more.

Collaborative Consuption has a really huge merit: having put the idea of co-ownership and access under the spotlight, triggering interest for the collaborative, peer to peer models stlll very marginal at that time probably except for what p2p paradigm achieved in the music industry, making music actually free to circulate beyond gates and copyright holders.

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