OnlyIndie Wants to Sell Your Book for $0 and a Penny More | Digital Book World

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A new website has an innovative way of selling e-books and intends to become the largest e-bookstore on the Web.

At, every new book starts at $0. The first 15 downloads are free and every download after that is a penny more, up to a maximum of $7.98, a number chosen by the site’s founders in response to what they see as too-high e-book prices at other retailers. If a book isn’t downloaded for 24 hours, its price begins to slowly drop per an algorithm designed to take 100 days to bring the price back to $0.

For instance, if a book had sold 100 copies in its first week, the 101st copy would cost the buyer $0.86. The site calls itself “the world’s first dynamically priced ebook store.”

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