Open Unified Registry with Public License | P2P Foundation

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With the introduction of the unified registry of works as an open platform, there is an opportunity to implement (1) a set of public licenses, and (2) an interoperable metadata model. We could say that, in technical terms, this is a good moment for the development of a public protocol to support integrated and qualified access to knowledge and culture.

The platform for unified registry with public licenses is being designed to provide legal safety for authors and for producers seeking to explore new models of digital content distribution. Thus, It will also be possible to generate the needed data for effective analysis of the different licenses and access models, providing valuable information for future investments in digital media applications and services.

In sum, new applications and services will be able to emerge from the establishment of this legal arrangement / technological model based on ‘open data’, be it for promotion, be it for monitoring the access to the content, according to the intention of its producers.

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