Kaggle is now crowdsourcing big data creativity | GigaOm

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In a move to expand its utility beyond simply finding better answers to known statistical problems, hot data-science startup Kaggle is now letting its stable of expert data scientists compete to tell companies how they can improve their businesses with machine learning. It’s part of a natural evolution of Kaggle from a plucky startup to an IT company with legs, but it’s actually more like a prequel to Kaggle’s flagship predictive modeling competitions than it is a sequel.

What Kaggle has come to realize, Co-Founder President and Chief Scientist Jeremy Howard told me, is that very few people in the world know more about machine learning than do the roughly 40,000 individuals who compete in Kaggle’s competitions. At the same time, the big data movement is putting the relatively complex but rewarding practice of machine learning on the radar of more companies, and they want to know how to leverage it for their businesses.

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