Toward the Global Transition — 2012 and Beyond | Chaotic Ripple

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Big changes are coming. Every indicator suggests that the world is transitioning on a global scale. Last year we saw the emergence of populist movements in what has come to be known as the Arab Spring and later watched Occupy Wall Street grow rapidly, taking root in many countries where governing institutions have produced unbearable inequality and suffering.
The Totemic Significance of 2012 – Deeply embedded in social consciousness is a number that encapsulates The Great Transition – and we have now entered it. A mythical quality overshadows the year 2012. Whether it is the end of the Mayan Calendar or simply the churning in our bones that something huge is undertow, the numerology of this year has a psychic inertia that is playing out as I type these words.
A Time For Bridge-Builders* – Those who can translate the new paradigm into the operational settings of legacy organizations will create new job categories that enable the stabilizers to keep paying their mortgages and put their kids through college while increasingly directing their productivity toward resilient design.
This year offers a moment of consequence. Let’s use the totemic power of 2012 as a catalyst for change. I’ll do my part. Will you?

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