Keynote: Douglas Rushkoff on When Change is Always On | Youtube

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Check out this great conference by Douglas Rushkoff, where he presents his new meme: “Presentism”. Douglas:

“The “Linsanity” surrounding the New York Knicks’ surprise phenom at point guard may be motivated by something bigger than sports. Yes, Jeremy Lin is a terrific athlete, whose almost accidental discovery by the Knicks and little-engine-that-could perseverance make for great radio commentary and pop cultural mythology.
But there’s something deeper at play here: Lin is iconic of a new kind of hero for the 21st century. And he is not alone.

Jeremy Lin’s biggest problem right now is his superstardom, and the fact that fan focus and adulation could make it harder for him to keep his senior, star teammates from getting jealous and uncooperative. Or worse, they could convince Lin that he really is all that people wish for him to be.”

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