Why Open Data isn’t enough. | Open Knowledge Foundation Blog

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Creative works came online in a cultural and technical context that allowed us to focus on freedom, and intellectual property. We have decades of history with software, photo, and video, and hundreds with text. We had a technical infrastructure ready to create, distribute, consume, and remix creative works: mailing lists, sharing websites, wiki software.

We don’t have that with data.

Data is entering the world at a rate that is so fast it’s almost incomprehensible to human brains. It’s like trying to comprehend geologic time. The cost of generating data is so low in so many spaces, and dropping like a stone in so many others, that the real challenge is to do interesting things with it. The gulf between those who can do something with data and those who can’t is a serious new case of digital divide, and licensing is just a tiny part of that gulf. Important, to be sure, but tiny.

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