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Open Cultuur Data (Open Culture Data) is a network of cultural professionals, developers, designers, copyright specialists and open data experts, that opens cultural data and encourages the development of valuable cultural applications. This makes culture accessible in new ways to a broader public. The network has been awarded with the European Public Sector Information Platform Trailblazer award as an initiative which has done something new and exciting with open data in Europe over the past year.

We consider Open Culture Data to at least have the following qualities:
1. Open Culture Data is knowledge and information of cultural institutions, organisations or initiatives about their collections and/or works
2. Everyone can consult, use, spread and re-use Open Culture Data (through an open license or by making material available in the Public Domain).
3. Open Culture Data is available in a digital (standard) format that makes re-use possible.
4. The structure and possible applications of Open Culture Data are documented, for instance in a data blog (some examples in Dutch here)
5. The provider of the Open Culture Data is prepared to answer questions about the data from interested parties and respects the efforts that it costs that the open data community invests in developing new applications.

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