Graphic Interface: Interview with Douglas Rushkoff | The New Inquiry

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New Inquiry editor Samantha Hinds sat down with media theorist Douglas Rushkoff in the green room of Engadget TV for a discussion that ranged from Occupy Wall Street to his new graphic novel, A.D.D., about a team of speed-addled young gamers. Rushkoff’s recent books include Program or be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital age and Life, Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take It Back.

Douglas Rushkoff: It is possible [to bring civic debate back into the flesh-and-blood commons]. It’s part of the promise of Occupy. People are occupying their reality and their body. Extreme sports and Burning Man and tattoos and piercings were early reactions to the disembodied, nonempathic Web world. I feel like Occupy and localism are the second, more mature versions of that. That’s why I moved out of the city. I wanted to be in a community.

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