Marten Mickos: For Eucalyptus open cloud is more than open code | TechWorld

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Openness in the cloud depends on open source code, open data and open APIs, according to Marten Mickos, chief executive of infrastructure-as-a-service software provider Eucalyptus Systems.

When it comes to bugs and vulnerabilities, open source code is significantly more robust than closed source, said Mickos, who was previously CEO of MySQL. The latest Scan report by development testing company Coverity found that open source projects have an average of 0.45 defects per 1,000 lines of code, compared to 0.64 for proprietary codebases.

“People think it’s because everybody gets to test your code, but that’s only part of the truth,” said Mickos. “Even more it’s the shame factor. When developers know that every line of code will be visible to the audience, they won’t release it until it’s ready.”

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