Chinese Copyright Proposal Would Allow Compulsory Licensing Of Music After Three Months | Techdirt

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As China continues to climb up the economic rankings (it became number two last year, in case you missed it) its domestic policy begins to have wider implications for the rest of the world. A case in point is this news from Slashdot about proposed changes to China’s copyright laws. Two sections in particular are proving controversial:
[According to Article 46, any record producer who acts pursuant to Article 48 shall have the right to make recordings of musical works owned by another, without needing authorization from the original owner, given that the content had been published for three months or longer.]
It will be interesting to see the response of the US music recording industry to this proposal. The fact that China can contemplate passing a law with these clauses, even though they are bound to be highly unpopular with US companies — and hence the US government — shows how much the balance of power is shifting between the two countries.

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