Instagram Users Fail to Welcome Their New Overlord | Bits-NYTimes

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Some Instagram users embraced Mr. Zuckerberg, congratulating him on the acquisition and welcoming him back to the service after he had not shared a photo in 43 weeks. Others took the opportunity to voice their dismay about the deal and share fears that Instagram will be destroyed by the social media giant.

“Congrats on the purchase…” wrote monkm, an Instagram user. “I must add however that most of us on IG are on here because it’s not FB not that there’s anything wrong with FB it’s just we like the community here…”

Another user, anna777loves777you, said: “@zuck thanks for taking IG away from us!!!”

An especially vitriolic comment written by brianbrutal said, “Stick to being overlord of FaceBook. We don’t want you on Instagram.” The comment has since been deleted.