The OpenStack drama and the future of the cloud | InfoWorld

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For some time, I’ve been fascinated by OpenStack, an exciting open source project that’s evolving into a “cloud operating system” for the data center. It was a shock last week to see Citrix, a charter member of the OpenStack consortium, make a loud exclamation of no confidence and pull out, opting instead to create its own open source project based on CloudStack — Citrix’s own cloud software with similar functionality.

I suppose a dustup like this was to be expected. OpenStack is highly ambitious. A collaborative project launched by Rackspace and NASA, OpenStack boasts a large and growing pile of cloud orchestration services — virtual machine management, object storage, machine image management — plus, in its latest Essex release, authentication and dashboard monitoring services. Part of the idea is that anyone can adopt OpenStack, which is available under an Apache 2 license, and create their own OpenStack flavors, much as various players have developed their own Linux distributions based on the Linux kernel. Citrix seemed to be headed in that direction.