Are Humans Ready to Undertake a Radical Evolution? | Plus Ultra Technologies

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Science fiction based technology is much closer to reality than it may appear. Technology, especially human based/centered has grown exponentially since the mid 1900’s. Joel Garreau describes this as “the curve”.

Essentially the curve is the rate of change in technology over time and how that change increases more dramatically every decade moving forward. In theory, the exponential change is so great that you can not look at the time moving forward as a 1:1 relationship. For example the last 20 years in technological advancement (1991-2011) can not be looked at as the same rate of growth for the next 20 years (2012-2032). In reality, at the rate we are growing, the next 20 years of potential or theoretical growth will probably only take about 8 years to come to fruition, and the next 50 years only 14-15 years to become reality! Science fiction is already reality!