Web Browsers and Web Weavers | The Future of Networking

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Web Weavers are to be something like your own personal firewall on the web, but not only… They don’t yet exist, but here is captaincalliope’s vision of what they should do and how they will work…


“What is a Web Weaver? It’s the persistant User Agent in the cloud that acts as a counterbalance to the Web Browser. You can think of it as a personal web server that ties your digital world together into a single experiential whole.”


“The Web Weaver is also an app! It represents you when you’re offline. It syncs your personal data between all your software, hardware and social connections when you’re both on and offline…”


“Most importantly, the Web Weaver is cross-compatible with every Web Browser and other Web Weavers. This means you can have multiple Web Browsers and multiple Web Weavers running, syncing, and presenting a single coherent identity to the rest of the web.”


“The Web Weaver isn’t the center of your digital experience, it’s your outer cellular membrane.”


To get a better idea, also check out “Notes on Web Weaver UX” – the user experience…

http://tinyurl.com/web-weaver-ux ;

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