On Profiling, And Google’s Big Double-Cross | Wired.com

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Google has said for years that it wouldn’t profile its users and built data silos to make it so. So for instance, Gmail debuted with ads that were keyed off words in a single e-mail. Mention pizza in an e-mail, you’d get an ad for pizza. It was a dumb system, with no memory of what you’d written. Over time, Google slowly expanded this so the ads you see on your newest e-mail might relate to an e-mail that was very recent — not quite dumb, but not quite a profile.

The same went for search. Ads were keyed off your search term, for only that search. It’s the most profitable advertising system in the world, and it had no profiling.

Then in 2009, Google punched a small hole in this wall so that what you do in YouTube could become part of that profile. Definitely a profile, but far removed from the sensitiveness that is your search history and e-mail.

Those walls were leveled on March 1 by Google.

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