Copyright wars heat up: US wins extradition of college kid from England | ArsTechnica

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A 23-year old student from Sheffield Hallam University in the north of England is bound for America. That wouldn’t be unusual—except that Richard O’Dwyer won’t go voluntarily. The UK Home Secretary has today agreed to extradite O’Dwyer over US copyright infringement charges for running a “linking site” called TVShack. O’Dwyer’s site was a “linking site” that did not host infringing content itself, and his lawyer compared it to Google, which also links to copyrighted content. TVshack did do things like show lists of the most clicked-on links (surprise: most were copyrighted TV shows), however, and the proportion of offending links appears to be much higher than at a search engine like Google. US lawyers argued that O’Dwyer had personally promoted links to infringing content, too.