Stakeout: how the FBI tracked and busted a Chicago Anon | ArsTechnica

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“Script kiddie”—no hacker worth his salt wants to hear the term used to describe him. Anyone with modest computer skills can cause modest havoc using other people’s code fragments, scanners, and infiltration tools, but this is little more than knowing how to point a gun in the right direction and pull the trigger. It lacks art. True hacking requires a deep knowledge of computer and network security, an ability to navigate around obstacles, and the willingness to be careful enough to always hide one’s tracks. The script kiddies, they might be easy targets for the feds, but the true hackers? Shadows are their home. Continuous surveillance, informants, trap-and-trace gear—the FBI spared no effort to track down a 27 year old dreadlocked anarchist from the South Side of Chicago after he was linked to various Anonymous hacking schemes.