The Co-operation Advantage and the new Theory of Niches | MeedaByte

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It has been a long time now since Chris Anderson wrote his now famous post “The Long Tail” but my personal feeling is that only now, after almost eight years, we are seeing all the pieces of the theory of niches coming to the right place. Anderson first described as niches became more commercially attractive due to lower production costs of digital goods. According to the vision behind the long tail, niches commercially compete with a traditional mass market approach since a market made of lots of small niches would equal the size of a mass market: this actually gives the possibility to exist even to those small digital producers with a loyal fanbase: if costs are low, even a few fans/clients would support a creative producer. The substantial difference (or rather a substantial acceleration in this transition) that is emerging today is that niches and communities, are gaining a more and more active role in the inspiration, design, and, increasingly, even in financing and in the production itself of any product or service.