Guardian says open journalism is the only way forward | GigaOm

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“[O]pen journalism is not something The Guardian is trying to make happen. It is something that is happening to journalism and The Guardian is realising it. In this case, The Guardian is breaking ground by realising the power of adapting to the changes that we are creating.” That’s a pretty good way of describing the reality of the media business today, and one Rusbridger would probably agree with. It’s not like the Guardian suddenly decided that open journalism was a great marketing slogan, or the surest path to generating ad revenue (something that isn’t entirely clear, as more than one critic pointed out in the wake of its advertising campaign). Instead, Rusbridger has made it plain that he sees it as the most reasonable response to what is happening to the industry — and ultimately a better approach than putting up walls to try and recreate the old scarcity that media entities of all kinds used to rely on.