All Your Bandwidth Are Belong To Us: Half Of World’s Bandwidth Consumed By Only 1% of Users | Singularity Hub

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It’s tough being an avid mobile device user these days. First, carriers tempt you with the latest feature-packed devices while promising to satiate your content fix, then they hobble your data plan and shun you for hogging the network. Now a scathing report of a survey conducted by the British mobile consulting company, Arieso, makes you look as bad as a hedge fund manager. Smartphone users who snagged an iPhone 4S since its release in October are accessing two times the data that iPhone 4 users are using and three times the data of iPhone 4G users. The worst offenders, however, are using 3G modems or USB dongles for laptops, consuming over 8 times the data of iPhone 4S users. And if you literally live on your device, you are part of the 1% of extremists consuming 50% of the data on the network. As the survey found that average device demand is increasing by 40% per year, Arieso warns mobile operators that things are only going to get worse in the next year. Yikes.